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The future of Social Networks

In a discussion I had with Thomas Power (CEO of Ecademy) last week, Google’s OpenSocial was one of the subjects. Thomas talked about how Ecademy evolved to the social network it is today, looking forward to what might change in the future.

A very interesting article that has a lot of information about social networks and the portability of a social identity was written by Brian Suda and can be found at Brian talks about technologies that could combine the power of Ecademy, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other networks. Google’s OpenSocial is still being developed, but OpenID is already implemented in several websites. Both technologies are based on the use of a single digital identy that can be used to use/login to various websites across the internet.

Update 09/12/2007:
Another interesting article about the future of social networks can be found at Alexander van Elsas’s weblog. According to Alexander, the future of social networks lies in interaction between people and not in the network itself.

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