From smartphone to Blackphone


Privacy matters, although it’s hard to guard your privacy with all data-eager tools we use today. Each call, text message or tweet is monitored, analyzed and possibly saved by NSA, Google and other corporations and governments. No way you can escape Big Brother these days, or is there?

Blackphone is a smartphone that makes user privacy a priority. The phone will run PrivatOS, a more secure version of Android, and is a joint development of Silent Circle (encryption specialists) and Geeksphone (Spanish smartphone maker).

Pre-orders start 24/02/2013 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


Privacy Matters

Met onderstaande film will het bewustzijn vergroten over alle aspecten van privacybeperkende maatregelen, van datamining tot beveiligingscamera’s, van loyalty cards tot identiteitsdiefstal. Maar vooral willen ze iedereen uitdagen de dialoog aan te gaan om op zoek te gaan naar de balans tussen privacy en veiligheid.

Gevonden via Pieter