Move that mail!

As a long-time personal fan of David Allen’s GTD method, I have to say Merlin Mann does a great job with promoting GTD at It’s a blog I follow for some years now and for those of you who don’t know it yet, check it out!

Terminologies like “personal productivity”, “time management” and “life hacking” sound very sexy these days. Time is a valuable recourse for all of us, you can only waste it once since every minute in your life is irreplaceable.

One of Merlin Mann’s biggest resources is the “Inbox Zero” project. Using GTD and other techniques, Merlin gives you a massive amount of tips on how to keep up with your mailbox. If you happen to get around 5 messages in your mailbox per day, feel lucky. Most people get more, much more.

Whether it is right now or be it the next time you have 58 free minutes in your life, the next presentation is for you. If you can’t find the time but suffer with your e-mails daily, think of it as the best investment you can make in 2008.