Connect LinkedIn with your blog

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you might be interested in LinkedIn Applications. By bringing applications to LinkedIn, one has possibilities similar to Facebook applications. For those of us who own a weblog, connecting your LinkedIn profile and your WordPress weblog is easy with the WordPress application. This gives your network the possibility to […]

The future of Social Networks

In a discussion I had with Thomas Power (CEO of Ecademy) last week, Google’s OpenSocial was one of the subjects. Thomas talked about how Ecademy evolved to the social network it is today, looking forward to what might change in the future. A very interesting article that has a lot of information about social networks […]

Survey on the use of Social Networks

Online Social Networking websites (LinkedIn, Ecademy, Facebook, …) zijn voor veel mensen een manier om nieuwe contacten te leggen en bestaande contacten te onderhouden. Omdat er zo veel initiatieven zijn is het soms niet eenvoudig om door het bos de bomen te zien. Welk netwerk kies ik? Op welke website schrijf ik me in? Via […]