Cricket is a Flemish sport


If asked what would be a true “British sport”, most will mention cricket. However very popular in India and Australia, cricket will always be a part of the British society. For ages, most people believed cricket has been exported to other countries worldwide during Great Britain’s colonization era.

History is about to change, since a recent study indicates cricket was first played in Flanders and only later introduced in England. An article on the website of England’s major newspaper The Telegraph has more information about the study and it’s researchers:

Paul Campbell, of the department of English and theatre at the Australian National University, in Canberra, uncovered a reference to the sport in a 1533 poem, attributed to John Skelton, a popular poet and playwright of the day, in which he links it to immigrants from Flanders, in modern day Belgium, France and Holland.

More information the full article flemish article on
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Arcadians Cricket Club Ghent: for those who want to see/play cricket in Belgium official website of the Belgian Cricket Federation


When Golf Meets Cricket

Sergio Garcia on the teebox, hitting his ball with an iron.
Can you mix a game of golf and a game of cricket?
Watch the ad and judge for yourself!

Spotted on They have a similar ad online too, this time featuring golf on a cricket ground.