Fifth Gear – Track Tips from Tiff

If you want to have some fun with your car on a racetrack, Tiff Needell has some tips on driving techniques. He went to BrandsHatch to demonstrate his skills with an Audi S3.


Audi R8 microsite

Audi launched a microsite to promote the R8 model, as some of you might have seen it on the 2005 Brussels Motorshow. You can find it trough the website or by going directly to it by clicking here.

Build with Adobe Flash, the microsite covers all features of the R8 model in an interface similar to games like Need For Speed.


Audi R8 micosite screenshot

Audi R8 micosite screenshot

Audi R8 micosite screenshot

Audi R8 micosite screenshot


Design Agency: Argonauten G2
If you might know the art director who created this microsite, please let me know.

More info

Some pictures of the R8 during a commercial shoot can be found at
Some pictures of the R8 in a studio environment van be found at
More pictures of the R8 can be found at



For those of you who use a cellphone equipped with Bluetooth, a Bluetooth headset comes in very handy. But you probably already found out that other people quite often don’t understand what you’re saying because there is too much noise in the background. Well, that’s why DSP has been developed. Headsets with a DSP function will make you sound much better, more voice, less noise.

Now Aliph, a US company, released what they call the Jawbone. This mobile headset is available in a wired and a Bluetooth version, and uses technology that was originally developed for DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).


Dear Mr. President

“Dear Mr. President” van P!NK staat op één in de iTunes Music Store (én op 16 maar dan in een andere versie). Hopelijk komt haar boodschap over bij de man voor wie het bedoeld is. Een ijzersterk nummer!

Met dank aan de gratis iTunes credits van Belgacom!



Hoe worden LEGO blokjes gemaakt?

Eén van de vragen waar ik al jaren van wakker lig, hoe maakt de Heilige Sint nu in godsnaam die kleurige LEGO blokjes?
Hier staat het antwoord, mét foto’s!


Mozilla Firefox

The Inquirer has an article (right here) in which they show some interesting stats about Mozilla Firefox.
As you might know, Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser with some advantages when compared to Microsoft IE:

  • faster
  • more secure
  • customizable with more add-ons (more on that below) and themes

Seems like Firefox is used by a lot of people these days (including me). About 40% of people in Finland use Firefox, that’s almost 2 times more than what people use in Belgium.

Firefox stats in Europe

Add-ons for Firefox

These are some extensions I use a lot in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Adblock: blocks images from every ad server you notice, no more banners while surfing .. great!
  • Sage: an RSS reader, which I use for viewing RSS feeds
  • Web Developer: like a Swiss Knife for .. well .. web developers :-)

Updated on 20/12/2006:
Mozilla Firefox has an update to version available, an update to fix 8 security issues (of which 5 seem to have got the ‘critical’ label)


Garfield over “Normale huisdieren”


© Jim Davis


HP support (su—) could be better

On my screen, a friendly message to let me know the HP all-in-one next to my desk needed an update. Thank you HP, very nice to let me know, let’s get this done right now so I can continue work with an up-to-date system. No big deal, just click “update” and my all-in-one will be up to date as we speak. Not for HP that is!

I did the update and everything looks nice, euh .. in fact everything looks the same but hey, security updates mostly don’t change a lot on first sight. Let’s print that file, no problem. Let’s fax that stuff, still good. Let’s putt that urgent picture under the scanner, open Photoshop, open scanner .. euh .. HELLO, where is my scanner?

Thanks to the folks at HP, my scanner is gone and it seems like I will have to re-install the complete suite again. A phone call to their support number would cost me per minute, and as I know from a previous experience, if you find a slower help desk than the one from HP, shout. A chat session is possible too and would cost me nothing (they caused the problem, why should I pay to solve it?). But hey, surprise .. the chat function doesn’t seem to work with my beloved Firefox.

I was thinking about buying a new HP portable soon, I’m going to think again, think different maybe! HP support su—!

(looks like I am not the only one who thinks HP could do better: look here, here and here)

Just had a chat (trough IE) with HP’s support department. Seems that users who have this problem need to re-install the complete bunch every time HP has an update, if they want to use it together with Adobe Photoshop that is. Not very friendly HP!


Af en toe ‘n beetje

Sterven doe je niet ineens,
maar af en toe ‘n beetje,
en alle beetjes die je sterft,
‘t is vreemd maar die vergeet je.
Het is je dikwijls zelf ontgaan,
je zegt, ik ben wat moe,
maar op een keer,
dan ben je,
aan je laatste beetje toe.

Toon Hermans

… ik mis je pa!

investing quotes

How to make a million

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Q: How do you make a million dollars in the stock market?
A: Start with $2 million!