Open letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

Dear Mr Cook,

“Think Different” is why I choose Apple above Microsoft.
“Think Quality” is why I’ve spent thousands and supported Apple’s growth.

Love is fading, after spending 627 € on a manufacturing issue created by your company.

Thousands of other customers own MacBook Pro’s with identical problems, is no coincidence.

Leadership brings responsibility. Forcing your customer base to pay for mistakes they did not make … please think different.

kind regards,


Apple makes beautifully design products. The company grew from a marginal underdog to a dominant player in the IT industry. With the support of a small but dedicated group of followers, and their hard earned money, Steve Jobs managed to lead Apple into a bright future. But recently, (i)clouds are gathering.

While Apple is preparing the launch of their next array of beautifully designed products, Apple customers discover the lack of service their expensive purchases deserve. In a petition on over 14,159 (!) people ask Tim Cook to show leadership. They ask Apple to replace or fix all 2011 Macbook Pro notebooks with graphics failure issues.

Everyone who bought a macbook pro spent a huge premium to buy macbook pro’s and did not expect to have a manufacturing defect. This issue had made a 2500$ investment a piece of junk in 2 years. We do not buy Apple products with this in mind.

By Kris

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Dear Tim Cook,

Not only have I been affected by this issue with my 2011 MacBook Pro but my 2010 MacBook Pro had the same/similar issues with over heating and graphics failure. My 2011 MacBook Pro was a replacement machine and it’s now exhibiting the same/similar issues.

I have been a long time Apple supporter ever since my primary school/elementary school had two of the early Macs back in the mid 90’s. I’ve since grown my collection of Apple products and because I felt such a strong sense quality from these earlier products, I invested your Apple shares.

As a shareholder, I strongly believe ‘our’ company should invest in it’s loyal customers who support us by buying products and highly recommending our products to others on a regular occurrence.

Please stand up and admit the error and begin to fix the error as a great leader would do.

Best regards,

Rik Houghton

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