Jon Roemer

Jon Roemer
© 2007 Jon Roemer

If you like good photography, a visit to Jon Roemer‘s website will be worth your time. I recently discovered his website and found some very nice pictures in his online portfolio. Jon knows how to use natural lightning to shoot buildings, houses and offices. His ‘architecture’ section is very nice, showing both commercial and residential spaces and buildings. Nice colors and razor sharp interiors, just like a good picture should be.

All over his portfolio, you will find several pictures that use the “Tilt-Shift Miniature Faking” technique. Making everything on the picture looking like a scale model. In case you like this kind of photography (I do), I highly recommend Cityshrinker, Flickr for more eye candy. Sites like PhotographyJam and Receding Hairline (what’s in a name) both have a short article about how to achieve the effect in Adobe Photoshop CS. Steven Erat’s weblog Talking Tree also has a nice article on this subject. Not enough? The famous Eskimokaka weblog gives you some more photographers/websites to visit.

Update 04/12/2008:
Jon added more nice photography on his website after this article was published (2007, time flies), so be sure to check out his current portfolio. Next to his beautiful website, Jon also launched a weblog on

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