In your Face(book)

After a long time of hesitation, I made myself a Facebook profile yesterday. Not really sure what to expect, not knowing if or how it will change my life. Maybe it will make it even easier for other people to connect with me, on top of my profiles on other social networks (eg: LinkedIn, Xing, Ecademy).

It has to be said, I will not be a very active member of Facebook right now. Having a profile is one thing but I am not willing to spend to much time on it. I have other things to do these days, launching a business for instance :-)

(Good friends can always connect with me, that’s why you are friends. All others will have to wait for a while since I am not going to allow the whole world in my private life, not from day 1 that is.)

By Kris

Hi folks! Running around on this globe for over 40 years now, this weblog is a way to share some things and thoughts with you.

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