HP support (su—) could be better

On my screen, a friendly message to let me know the HP all-in-one next to my desk needed an update. Thank you HP, very nice to let me know, let’s get this done right now so I can continue work with an up-to-date system. No big deal, just click “update” and my all-in-one will be up to date as we speak. Not for HP that is!

I did the update and everything looks nice, euh .. in fact everything looks the same but hey, security updates mostly don’t change a lot on first sight. Let’s print that file, no problem. Let’s fax that stuff, still good. Let’s putt that urgent picture under the scanner, open Photoshop, open scanner .. euh .. HELLO, where is my scanner?

Thanks to the folks at HP, my scanner is gone and it seems like I will have to re-install the complete suite again. A phone call to their support number would cost me per minute, and as I know from a previous experience, if you find a slower help desk than the one from HP, shout. A chat session is possible too and would cost me nothing (they caused the problem, why should I pay to solve it?). But hey, surprise .. the chat function doesn’t seem to work with my beloved Firefox.

I was thinking about buying a new HP portable soon, I’m going to think again, think different maybe! HP support su—!

(looks like I am not the only one who thinks HP could do better: look here, here and here)

Just had a chat (trough IE) with HP’s support department. Seems that users who have this problem need to re-install the complete bunch every time HP has an update, if they want to use it together with Adobe Photoshop that is. Not very friendly HP!

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