How to be ‘cool’ in 2007

Want to know what’s hip and cool in 2007?
Men’s Health has just launched it’s Men’s Health 2007 Tech Guide!

100 products that could change your life in the next 12 months

Some things I noticed that are worth a closer look:

  • the Apple MacBook Pro
  • the Sony Playstation 3
  • the Leica M8 digital Camera (because you want an expensive ‘L’ on a regular camera, right?)
  • the Saeco Espresso Machine (cause your Senseo .. it’s not the same is it?)
  • the Asics GEL-Kinsei running Shoes (I’ve got Kayano’s but Kinsei is second best)
  • the Nike Amp +, which lets you control your iPod from your wrist (comming soon)

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