Een keyboard dat niet lijkt op een keyboard

Minuum does away with the traditional three rows of letters and space bar layout of a standard QWERTY keyboard, replacing that with a single line of letters and predictive typing algorithms that help reclaim a huge percentage of usable screen real estate, while supposedly retaining precision entry capabilities. It’s designed to keep the QWERTY order […]

Google Maps losing ground

An in depth comparison of the development frameworks behind Apple’s Maps and Google’s finds pros and cons in both, but highlights Apple’s as more mature, less limited and recommended for most third party app developers. AppleInsider has an interesting article on the difference between both map services. Developers seem to prefer Apple’s SDK which does […]

How to get the guts to go freelance

“I’m not a risk-taker,” is what she’d tell me. But at some point in a project-oriented person’s career, continuing to take full-time jobs is too risky. Because you’ll never succeed long-term, you always burn bridges, and you start to feel like you have no skills that can help you keep a job. Some of you […]