How to run Adobe CS 5.5 on OSx Yosemite

After updating our office to OSx Yosemite, one of our older Macs refused to run some Adobe CS 5.5 applications. Adobe CS 5.5 depends on Java SE 6 Runtime which was no longer available after the OSX Yosemite upgrade process. An error message will appear when starting the affected CS5 app, while a “more info” link leads you to a blanc page at Apple’s website. Not helpful.

If you run into the same issue, here’s the easy fix:

  1. Download and install Java for OS X 2014-001 from Apple’s website: and/or
  2. Download and install Java from Oracle’s website:
  3. Restart your Mac
  4. Do your happy dance

Open letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

Dear Mr Cook,

“Think Different” is why I choose Apple above Microsoft.
“Think Quality” is why I’ve spent thousands and supported Apple’s growth.

Love is fading, after spending 627 € on a manufacturing issue created by your company.

Thousands of other customers own MacBook Pro’s with identical problems, is no coincidence.

Leadership brings responsibility. Forcing your customer base to pay for mistakes they did not make … please think different.

kind regards,


Apple makes beautifully design products. The company grew from a marginal underdog to a dominant player in the IT industry. With the support of a small but dedicated group of followers, and their hard earned money, Steve Jobs managed to lead Apple into a bright future. But recently, (i)clouds are gathering.

While Apple is preparing the launch of their next array of beautifully designed products, Apple customers discover the lack of service their expensive purchases deserve. In a petition on over 14,159 (!) people ask Tim Cook to show leadership. They ask Apple to replace or fix all 2011 Macbook Pro notebooks with graphics failure issues.

Everyone who bought a macbook pro spent a huge premium to buy macbook pro’s and did not expect to have a manufacturing defect. This issue had made a 2500$ investment a piece of junk in 2 years. We do not buy Apple products with this in mind.


From smartphone to Blackphone


Privacy matters, although it’s hard to guard your privacy with all data-eager tools we use today. Each call, text message or tweet is monitored, analyzed and possibly saved by NSA, Google and other corporations and governments. No way you can escape Big Brother these days, or is there?

Blackphone is a smartphone that makes user privacy a priority. The phone will run PrivatOS, a more secure version of Android, and is a joint development of Silent Circle (encryption specialists) and Geeksphone (Spanish smartphone maker).

Pre-orders start 24/02/2013 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

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The long tail power of RSS feeds

Abandoning the entire idea of the RSS-inbox model because of inbox overload is like boycotting an all-you-can-eat buffet forever because you once ate too much there.

Mario Ament wrote a great blog post about a problem we all know. You start with one (remember the days?) blog post in your shiny new RSS-reader and before you know *BOEM* … 215 feeds which all post around 10 feeds a day. Making 2150 articles to scroll trough each day. You successfully installed a productivity killer.

Without RSS readers, the long tail would be cut off. The rich would get richer: only the big-name sites get regular readership without RSS, so the smaller sites would only get scraps of occasional Twitter links from the few people who remember to check them regularly, and that number would dwindle.

The long tail is why RSS is my favorite news tool. When a new US president gets elected or when Apple launches a new hipster toy, I’m sure my Twitter feed will let me know. But when Marco or Thomas or others write yet another great blog post, RSS gives them a platform.


Status board


Status Board takes your data and gives it meaning. Use the easy built-in widgets. Or massage your data for our Graph and Table widgets. It’s going to be awesome.

Would like to have one of these in our office. Streaming our Harvest and Zendesk stats, keeping everybody sharp and focused.


Kevin Spacey legt Twitter uit aan David Letterman

Kevin Spacey legt Twitter uit aan David Letterman. Die vraagt zich vooral af hoeveel het kost en waarom je op een Blackberry niet met 10 vingers kan typen.
Leuk fragment, gevonden via


Heeft u een eigen mailserver?

Vandaag gelezen op de website van Vodaphone Nederland:

Q: Heeft u een eigen mailserver?
A: U heeft een eigen mailserver als u Outlook en niet Outlook Express gebruikt.

10 jaar ervaring in één klap omgezet in twijfel en verwarring.

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Print everywhere

For business or pleasure, more than ever people tend to live their live on the go. Whether you are a mobile warrior or you don’t like to be in the same place for long, the world is your playground. Using notebooks, PDA’s and mobile phones it has become easy to live your life and run your business almost everywhere.

For those of you who need to print documents while being mobile, this can be rather difficult. Getting your notebook connected to a local network often comes with security regulations that keep you from printing that financial report. Even when you get yourself connected to a network, connecting the printer and printing the document can be a hard task. You could off course carry your own printer with you … but why should you?

The Xerox Mobile Express Driver is ideal for people who travel or work in multiple locations. It largely eliminates the need to download individual printer drivers for each product to which you print. Instead, download a single universal printer driver to your PC and print to virtually any PostScript device on your network, even to those made by other manufacturers.

You can find more details and download the Mobile Express Driver on the Xerox website


PC’s en het milieu

Gratis software die er voor zorgt dat je computer minder verbruikt. Goed voor het milieu en goed voor de portemonnee. Met Edison brengt Verdiem een applicatie op de markt die net dat doet, het milieu een handje helpen én je daarbij geld besparen. De enige voorwaarde om het programma te gebruiken is een eenvoudige activatie via internet, net daar knelt voor mij het schoentje.

Waarom ze absoluut willen dat ik mijn naam, woonplaats en e-mail adres opgeef is me onduidelijk. Tenzij voor marketing doeleinden lijkt geen enkele boom me hiervan beter te worden.

Bij het nalezen van de online help wordt me ook duidelijk dat de software na activatie enkele belangrijke zaken doorgeeft aan de maker: de leeftijd van je PC, het merk, model en specificaties van meerdere componenten worden namelijk gerapporteerd aan Verdiem.

Elke fabrikant van PC’s zou deze informatie maar al te graag in handen krijgen. Namen, adressen en specificaties van de PC in kwestie: een goudmijn voor marketeers.

Als je na installatie van HP een gepersonaliseerde mailing ontvangt waarin wordt gesuggereerd dat je oude PC stilaan aan vervanging toe is, vraag je dan vooral niet af hoe ze aan die informatie komen :-)

Externe links:
artikel op
screenshot en download op
– artikel op New York Times
LocalCooling, een soortgelijke applicatie

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How to make iPhone screen shots

Ever wondered how others made a screenshot of their iPhone screen? I found the answer trough a post on 43folders:

Click the Home button and the top (Power) button at the same time to capture a PNG of the current screen to the Photo Viewer (grabbable later via iPhoto)

Merlin Mann himself found the tip trough a Twitter post of Jason Snell.