How to run Adobe CS 5.5 on OSx Yosemite

After updating our office to OSx Yosemite, one of our older Macs refused to run some Adobe CS 5.5 applications. Adobe CS 5.5 depends on Java SE 6 Runtime which was no longer available after the OSX Yosemite upgrade process. An error message will appear when starting the affected CS5 app, while a “more info” […]

Open letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

Dear Mr Cook, “Think Different” is why I choose Apple above Microsoft. “Think Quality” is why I’ve spent thousands and supported Apple’s growth. Love is fading, after spending 627 € on a manufacturing issue created by your company. Thousands of other customers own MacBook Pro’s with identical problems, is no coincidence. Leadership brings responsibility. […]

From smartphone to Blackphone

Privacy matters, although it’s hard to guard your privacy with all data-eager tools we use today. Each call, text message or tweet is monitored, analyzed and possibly saved by NSA, Google and other corporations and governments. No way you can escape Big Brother these days, or is there? Blackphone is a smartphone that makes user […]

The long tail power of RSS feeds

Abandoning the entire idea of the RSS-inbox model because of inbox overload is like boycotting an all-you-can-eat buffet forever because you once ate too much there. Mario Ament wrote a great blog post about a problem we all know. You start with one (remember the days?) blog post in your shiny new RSS-reader and before […]