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Coworking spaces might be good business for IKEA

IKEA office

We all know IKEA.
We go there to buy furniture, to buy flowers, to eat K├Âtbullar.

Lots of freelancers and entrepreneurs go to IKEA for something completely different.
Instead of buying office furniture at IKEA and do the “love it or hate it” nuts and bolts assembly, just go do your work in IKEA.
Everything is already there, why bring it home?

The infrastructure is all there:

  • Office furniture (tables, chairs and BYOD)
  • Cheap & good coffee (unless you favor baristas)
  • Lunch and drinks (fries or salad?)
  • Free parking space (and lots of it)
  • Free Wifi

The long tail advantage for IKEA:

  • Visitors/coworkers will often buy something when at IKEA
  • Coworkers often start their own office when succesful. Already familiar with IKEA office furniture, buying IKEA becomes a more obvious choice.
  • Daily coworking usage can be monitored by IKEA, using the office as a “live lab” with real life situations. Data can then be used for further development of IKEA’s office range.

Hoe LinkedIn gebruiken?

Jan Vermeiren schreef er een boek over maar deze video geeft je al een heel goed idee. Meer info over het boek (en waar je het kan kopen) vind je op de website “Hoe LinkedIn nu echt gebruiken“.


How to improve your profile on Ecademy

For those of you who enjoy networking, Ecademy might be one of the so called “social networks” that you use to connect with other people. While several people find the Ecademy interface rather confusing, it sure is worth the time and effort for me.

Your profile is your business card
Rule #1 to connect with people on Ecademy is the profile you create. Having a clear profile and a picture make a HUGE difference. How can people help you if they don’t know what you are offering, if they don’t know your needs and ambitions.

6 tips to improve your profile on Ecademy:

  • Put a picture on your profile, people like to see who they talk to
  • Tell people something personal about yourself (where you live, your education, things you like besides working)
  • Tell people where you come from (what’s your professional track between school and your current job)
  • Tell people where you want to go (what are your ambitions, what do you want to achieve in life)
  • Clearly state what you are looking for on Ecademy, how people can help YOU
  • Clearly state what you can offer to others (be it commercial or non-commercial)

2 additional tips to increase your connections:
After you used the above tips to create/improve your Ecademy profile, these final tips will make a huge difference:

  • Send every visitor of your profile a short message asking what you can do for him or her. People will answer that short message and that makes you are connected to them.
  • The less business you look for in your first message, the more business you will do in the long run. Building your network is like building a house, you have to start with you base. If you only focus on selling your product or service, you completely mis the whole point of building your network: relations that last longer than your regular sales pitch.

If you would like to grow your network or meet new people, Ecademy and many other social networks can do a lot for you.
Enjoy the networking!

business networking productivity

How to optimize your networking energy

Freelance Community FreelanceSwitch has a nice article about how to optimize your networking energy. The article itself was written by Jonathan Fields, who’s weblog can be found here.

… either be transparent about your motives or move on. Nobody likes to be used.