How to run Adobe CS 5.5 on OSx Yosemite

After updating our office to OSx Yosemite, one of our older Macs refused to run some Adobe CS 5.5 applications. Adobe CS 5.5 depends on Java SE 6 Runtime which was no longer available after the OSX Yosemite upgrade process. An error message will appear when starting the affected CS5 app, while a “more info” […]

Open letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

Dear Mr Cook, “Think Different” is why I choose Apple above Microsoft. “Think Quality” is why I’ve spent thousands and supported Apple’s growth. Love is fading, after spending 627 € on a manufacturing issue created by your company. Thousands of other customers own MacBook Pro’s with identical problems, is no coincidence. Leadership brings responsibility. […]

The delicate art of upselling webservices

Proposing optional services or upgrades is a great way to increase revenue trough your website. Just make sure your offer reaches the user/client during or immediately after a positive user experience. Timing is crucial. Being one of my favorites, Buffer is a great service so their above proposal looks appealing. Right after yet another successful […]


“Millennials don’t respect hierarchy for the sake of itself. They want fast-moving, lean platforms on which to build their work. They’d rather leave than fight an organization into tolerating them, because they always wanted an excuse to go freelance.“ Full article on