About me

This is me!
© 2008 Katrien G.

Hi folks! Running around on this globe for over 41 years now, this weblog is a way to share some things and thoughts with you. You might have some questions so here are some answers.

Who are you?
Friends, techies and people who got here trough social media probably already know. For all others, be one off them and you will find out.

Where do you live?
Ghent / Belgium / Europe / Earth / Beyond

Besides this blog, what else do you do?
In 2001, I started DreamDivision, a successful web design / web development agency.
When I am not writing new articles for this blog, I do my best to help our clients, play some golf, watch a movie or have a drink with friends.

What’s this blog about?
Don’t expect very personal stories, I prefer to keep those private. Look out for everything else that I see/hear/experience in my daily life. Some articles will turn your world upside down, putting glue on your shoes might avoid this. Other articles will be so boring for you that watching your plants grow might sound appealing.

You might come back regularly
There will be something for everyone, although not every time!

2 replies on “About me”

omdat de wereld soms klein is
omdat ik toevallig vandaag je broer (als ik me dat goed herinner) aan de lijn had voor wat kaartjes in het liers cultuurcentrum
omdat ik je naam zag opduiken bij een fijne vriend van mij op smoelenboek

nieuwsgierig als ik ben (k moet toch af en toe mijn vrouwelijke kant zijn ding laten doen)
hierop terechtgekomen

hier en daar las ik erreg fijne stukjes!
so… don’t stop writing ;-)




I’ve seen your tweet requesting Bose info. I’m responsible for Bose in Belgium. Can you please send me an email to discuss it?


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