The delicate art of upselling webservices

Buffer upselling attempt

Proposing optional services or upgrades is a great way to increase revenue trough your website. Just make sure your offer reaches the user/client during or immediately after a positive user experience. Timing is crucial.

Being one of my favorites, Buffer is a great service so their above proposal looks appealing.

Right after yet another successful social media post, Buffer’s timing is perfect.
Unless the majority of your users don’t own a private swimming pool themselves, toe tipping might not convince them to sponsor your team’s lifestyle.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Are they worth a thousand dollars?


“Millennials don’t respect hierarchy for the sake of itself. They want fast-moving, lean platforms on which to build their work. They’d rather leave than fight an organization into tolerating them, because they always wanted an excuse to go freelance.“

Full article on

Kiezen is verliezen

Een hongerige jachtluipaard ziet in de verte een kudde antilopen en sluipt dichterbij, op zoek naar het lekkerste beest uit de groep. Zodra hij heeft gekozen, stormt de jachtluipaard erop af. Stel dat hij plots uit een ooghoek ziet dat hij zich vergiste, dat er opzij een antilope wegrent waar nog meer vlees aan zit. Is het dan een optie om alsnog van gedacht te veranderen en achter de allerlekkerste antilope te jagen? Neen. Want dan moet de jachtluipaard eerst vertragen, daarna van koers veranderen en zich vervolgens weer lanceren. Tegen dan is dat allerlekkerste beest gevlucht. En de eerste prooi heeft zich intussen uit de voeten gemaakt.

De jachtluipaard en de antilope als voorbeeld van politiek Europa.
Het volledige artikel van Hendrik Vos op De Standaard.


When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffett, their host at dinner, Gates’ mother, asked everyone around the table to identify what they believed was the single most important factor in their success through life. Gates and Buffett gave the same one-word answer: “Focus.”

Complete article on LinkedIn written by Greg McKeown

Be yourself


Oscar Wilde’s quote looks gorgeous with @AdrienCoquet‘s Farray font.
Good typography is priceless. The font itself completely free.

Festa Major

Really like this poster by @Marcbichi for Festa Major de Sant Boi 2014. Molt be!


Met schijnbare tegenstrijdigheden kunnen omgaan, dát is groot worden. Dat je kunt zeggen: dit klopt, maar dat ander klopt eigenlijk óók. Zoeken naar simplismen, naar eenduidigheid en eenvormigheid: dat is weigeren om volwassen te worden.

Sophie De Schaepdrijver in dS Weekblad

Lens Bracelet


Cyclists wear Livestrong bracelets (at least they did before .. you know).
Photographers can show of their favorite hobby with these lens bracelets ($12 and up).

Spotted on Fashion Addicted

Apple architecture

Apple Store Brisbane

Apple’s new Australian flagship store in Brisbane is gorgeous.
I like the effort Apple does to renovate old buildings, merging history with modern technology.

Argue all the time

Arguing with your co-workers isn’t a bad thing. It’s not creating a negative work environment — it’s a tool to help you make good decisions. Being an empty cheerleader and telling everyone that their idea is great is harmful and short-sighted. Argue and make good decisions.

Product design at GitHub by Kyle Neath is a good read.

I believe modern company culture should encourage arguments. When done with respect to fellow co-workers, arguing makes you leaner and avoids half baked decisions. Too often talented companies fall apart by aiming for mediocracy.

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