Met schijnbare tegenstrijdigheden kunnen omgaan, dát is groot worden. Dat je kunt zeggen: dit klopt, maar dat ander klopt eigenlijk óók. Zoeken naar simplismen, naar eenduidigheid en eenvormigheid: dat is weigeren om volwassen te worden.

Sophie De Schaepdrijver in dS Weekblad

Lens Bracelet


Cyclists wear Livestrong bracelets (at least they did before .. you know).
Photographers can show of their favorite hobby with these lens bracelets ($12 and up).

Spotted on Fashion Addicted

Apple architecture

Apple Store Brisbane

Apple’s new Australian flagship store in Brisbane is gorgeous.
I like the effort Apple does to renovate old buildings, merging history with modern technology.

Argue all the time

Arguing with your co-workers isn’t a bad thing. It’s not creating a negative work environment — it’s a tool to help you make good decisions. Being an empty cheerleader and telling everyone that their idea is great is harmful and short-sighted. Argue and make good decisions.

Product design at GitHub by Kyle Neath is a good read.

I believe modern company culture should encourage arguments. When done with respect to fellow co-workers, arguing makes you leaner and avoids half baked decisions. Too often talented companies fall apart by aiming for mediocracy.

Clients before ego

“Here’s what our product can do” and “Here’s what you can do with our product” sound similar, but they are completely different approaches.

Jason Fried (@jasonfried) – November 2013

Deal with it

One of the first mistakes that most of us make with email (even me some days) is just scanning it and not dealing with it. You open your email client and the first thing you see is a pain so you close it.

Curtis McHale is right on emergency email scanning.
If you can’t deal with it, don’t open the box.

From smartphone to Blackphone


Privacy matters, although it’s hard to guard your privacy with all data-eager tools we use today. Each call, text message or tweet is monitored, analyzed and possibly saved by NSA, Google and other corporations and governments. No way you can escape Big Brother these days, or is there?

Blackphone is a smartphone that makes user privacy a priority. The phone will run PrivatOS, a more secure version of Android, and is a joint development of Silent Circle (encryption specialists) and Geeksphone (Spanish smartphone maker).

Pre-orders start 24/02/2013 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Hello world


Monday morning, way too early, I trust on a good coffee to wake me up.
Others might choose a more radical approach.

Great pic by Josep Fonti

Balloon Dog

“Art does not happen inside objects, it happens inside the viewer” [Jeff Koons]

Found trough

How to become Superwoman

© Rosie Hardy

© Rosie Hardy

Practice, practice, practice!
Great picture by Rosie Hardy found on

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